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All of the original Avengers got matching tattoos, except for Mark Ruffalo, who is a coward

Five great friends and a coward
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If the Avengers are the superhero version of work friends, then facing down an intergalactic villain like Thanos is the ultimate team-building exercise. Our six original heroes—Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Thor—likely emerged from Infinity War closer than ever, bonded by their successes as much as their failures. Similarly, the actors who play those roles likely feel closer having made lots and lots of money together. This week, as seen on Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram, the actors permanently sealed those bonds of friendship by getting matching tattoos. Well, most of them did.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Downey Jr. said the tattoo (a minimalist Avengers symbol interwoven with the number six) was Scarlett Johansson’s idea. She and Chris Evans got them done in New York and then had the tattoo artist fly out to LA to ink up Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey Jr. himself. Mark Ruffalo opted out, presumably because he had already gotten matching tattoos with the cast of Spotlight and didn’t want to dilute the significance of that experience. The cast then turned the tattoo gun on the artist and proceeded to give him his own Avengers tat, exquisite corpse-style. “It was a mess,” said Downey Jr.

So, five of the six Avengers join the ever-growing club of actors with tattoos commemorating movies they’ve worked on. They stand alongside the casts of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Suicide Squad. Though, given that these heroes span the entirety of a cinematic universe, we have a feeling their bonds are a bit stronger than others. They should probably just change their name to the Super Friends. That’s not being used by anybody, right?

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