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All of Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Trump burns, in one video

Screenshot: MST3K - Trump References

Over the course of almost 200 episodes, Mystery Science Theater 3000 compiled an enormous catalog of jokes. Of these, there were a surprising number of them about Donald Trump, which A.V. Club commenter “Crow’s New Hair” has collected here in a single video:

Unlike Trump, few of these jokes have aged poorly. They land a really good one on Trump casino, casually rip on his stupid book, and go in repeatedly on the dissolution of his marriage to Ivana. At the time, of course, Trump was just a harmless buffoon—an easy pop-culture evocation of a rich-guy shithead. With luck, he’ll soon go back to that.


The video also works in the show’s sole Hillary Clinton reference, as well as an uplifting epilogue: a clip of some goggle-eyed, 1950s space cadets marveling over a future world in which the President Of The United States is a woman. The future is now.

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