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All of Key & Peele is now online

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Key & Peele left a hole in our hearts that not even a Keanu Reeves-voiced cat could fill when it ended last year. But while we’re not likely to get a follow-up to the “Pizza Order” or “Auction Block” sketches, we can now pull them up with a few clicks. Comedy Central has just launched “the authoritatively and unequivocally complete K&P destination,” where you’ll find over 300 sketches in toto. That number includes 176 sketches that were previously unavailable online, which are at least enough for another season of the show in our minds, right?


“Fans constantly ask us when new online content is coming and we’re really excited to announce it’s finally here,” said Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in a Comedy Central press release about the “robust” new site. It also features an online Key & Peele dictionary, the better to understand your friends’ “Big Dave Navarro” jokes when talking about Game Of Thrones. Users can also type in “unique URLs” like liamneesons.com, obamaandluther.com, Isaidbiiiiiiiiiitch.com, meeganandandre.com, and insubordinateandchurlish.com, to go directly to the pertinent sketch. You can also grab gifs and memes to share with your fellow fans/mourners.

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