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All of Harry Burns' sweaters and sports coats in When Harry Met Sally have finally been ranked

Screenshot: YouTube

Almost 30 years after its release, a vital character within When Harry Met Sally is getting the attention it deserves: Harry Burns’ fashion. GQ recently took the time to rank every single one of his outfits in the quintessential rom-com, and if you’ve ever witnessed his chunky “I’m sick, but I need to look exceptional” turtleneck, then you can understand why this is long overdue.

Writer Sophia Benoit combed through the Nora Ephron tentpole in order rank Harry’s (Billy Crystal) parade of curiously patterned sweaters, corporate vests, and that one shirt-and-suspenders number that made him look like a plucky Titanic stowaway. (By the way, that really should have been the top look. We won’t spoil the winner, though.) Considering that Benoit admits to having seen the film 29 times, her qualifications really can’t be questioned, as evidenced by her placing that forest green-and-maroon shirt and vest combo dead last. When you’re right, you’re right.


Look, someone had to do the work and if this provides a solid enough foundation for us to fully appreciate Harry Burns’ penchant for black, then job well done. It also opens us up to potential discourse surrounding that god-awful ensemble Harry wore to the batting cages. “Why did he roll up the sleeves of his short-sleeve sweatshirt that he inexplicably paired with a long-sleeve shirt underneath,” Benoit asks. “Are you hot or cold? What are these terrible school-issued gym-class pants? Throw this whole outfit into the SUN.” Agreed.

When Harry Met Sally turns 30 years old on June 12.

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