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All Newswire items of the day come together in Kirsten Dunst nude shocker

Actress Kirsten Dunst, the only living historical tie to the era when Spider-Man movies were exciting and interesting , will be taking off her clothes in two upcoming movies, the details of which are unimportant because Kirsten Dunst naked.  "Get used to seeing me naked," the former Mary Jane Watson told her fans via Vanity Fair, in perhaps the least necessary exhortation in cinema history.

Her new film, All Good Things, finds her sharing a nude shower scene with co-star Ryan Gosling; this demonstrates Dunst's dedication to her craft, since Gosling is so fat that it was probably hard for her to squeeze in there with him.  Following that will be Melancholia, a "sci-fi disaster film" where Dunst will again take off all her clothes, possibly in conjunction with co-stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Alexander Skarsgård.  Or possibly not.  Melancholia is directed by Lars Von Trier, making it just as likely if not more so that Dunst will appear nude alongside Udo Kier and John Hurt.

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