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All men must die, so check out the numbers of Game Of Thrones’ potential armies

Daenerys Targaryen takes charge of the Unsullied. (Photo: HBO)

With the War Of The Five Kings long over, Westeros is an unstable period of peace as its various players gather force for their next assaults. Essos, meanwhile, is being slowly conquered by Daenerys Targaryen, whose army includes the entire Dothraki population as of this week. The sixth season of Game Of Thrones is laying the pipework for some big, bloody battles, and the ever-evolving and shifting loyalties and grudges can be a lot to keep up with.

To simplify the approaching tides of war into a numbers game, Mashable used Redditor 89Dragon89’s rough count of potential armies to create this handy infographic:


Yeah, those White Walkers have the potential to rain down a storm of shit on Westeros if they get beyond the Wall. That we don’t really know what they’re about makes them an even scarier foe.

The inclusion of the giant and three dragons is nice, as they (especially the dragons) have the potential to shift the balance come wartime. And this chart doesn’t even include all the potential armies: There’s the possibility of gathering the mountain-dwellers of Vale under the banner of young Lord Robin Arryn, who’s currently wrapped around Littlefinger’s little finger and will do basically whatever he’s told to do. Then there’s the growing Iron Islands menace, where the coming Kingsmoot and previous losses on the mainland might lead the ironborn to use their superior naval fleet to take back the coastal areas of Westeros.

[via Mashable]

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