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All hail Renata, queen of Big Little Lies' second season

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Think you have a favorite character on Big Little Lies? Yeah, Bonnie’s really cool and had probably the toughest time this season, but, unfortunately, Bonnie was not given the arc she maybe deserved. Jane is super chill too, but when speaking about the adults, the true winner is Laura Dern’s Renata Klein. She’s the queen of the season, delivering the best lines and ably handling her lame, double-cheating husband way better than some would. Yeah, she might be high-strung to some, but she’s truly just a hardworking woman who did all that and more and what does she get in return? Bad attitudes, double-standard resentment, and a deadbeat husband who can’t stem his greed enough to save her hard-earned wealth. She will not not be rich, after all, so it’ll be interesting to see how she fares in this final episode. Will her money and marriage stay intact? Hopefully she dumps him in a less violent way than Perry was, but, hey, accidents happen. 

Anyways, in advance of the season two finale, please enjoy this supercut of Renata’s best moments.


As you see above, she doesn’t ever ask. She just does. Renata takes up her space, she knows she’s that bitch, and she worked hard to give herself a better life. Dern’s every delivery is a masterpiece, whether it’s her masterful way of caressing the word “fuck” or the way she sinks into her vulnerable moments, like at the disco party to end all disco parties. Will somebody give a woman a moment?!” might be our new rallying cry.

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