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All eyes are on Shia LaBeouf’s Tupac and Missy Elliott tattoos

Screenshot: Ellen

Here’s something The A.V. Club can add to the list of things to chat up Shia LaBeouf about at BingeFest in Sydney this December: The actor and walking-talking art installation decided to show off his many thigh tattoos while on Ellen today. LaBeouf revealed the existence of these inked homages to hip-hop and pop music icons Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Missy Elliott, the late Prince, and more last month during a routine LaBeouf-date with Variety. The trade publication wasn’t able to snag any photographic evidence, but LaBeouf’s thighs were the focal point of his morning interview with Ellen DeGeneres.


Dressed like a dad at Disneyland, LaBeouf struts onto the stage, seemingly unaware that DeGeneres will want to talk about his tats. The host then marvels at the artwork, which includes the Notorious B.I.G. in a Coogi sweater and Missy Elliot in Supa Dupa Fly mode. As impressed as DeGeneres seems, she can’t help but question the validity of LaBeouf’s recent marriage to a Mia Goth. LaBeouf denies that it was a publicity stunt or another installment of his living art. He seems surprised to learn that livestreaming your wedding could raise some eyebrows about its authenticity—he was probably just being a good groom by springing for the deluxe package at the Las Vegas chapel.

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