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All douchebags considered in these exclusive Douchebag interviews

Sleeper Sundance hit Douchebag opens for a limited run today in New York and debuts next Friday in Los Angeles, but right now even douchebags in the flyover states (a.k.a. America’s Douchebasket) can check out some Douchebag-related content here at The A.V. Club, where we like to believe the term “douchebag” first took wing and learned to fly. In these exclusive clips hosted in our Coming Distractions section, actor Andrew Dickler and director Drake Doremus (with actor Ben York Jones) participate in a pair of mock interviews about the film, discussing and defining the notion of what is a “douchebag” while also contending with a wholly different kind of douchebag: the British douchebag, perhaps the most refined, rarefied breed of douchebag on God’s green douchebag. Enjoy, douchebags.


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