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All 6 Star Wars movies combined into one mind-obliterating fan edit

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Who, in this increasingly busy age, has time to sit down and watch the entire Star Wars movie franchise, a pop cultural behemoth that currently stretches to six films and boasts a 13-hour-plus running time? Virtually no one. But certainly, even the busiest of filmgoers can make room in his or her life for a single, cacophonous, two-and-a-half-hour YouTube fan edit in which all six films play simultaneously, one on top of the other. This was the thinking behind an entrancing and diabolical fan edit by an experimental filmmaker who dubs himself Maurcs and whose own brief-but-intriguing YouTube bio boasts: “I make movies and animate Archer.” The fleeting mention of Archer is intriguing, as it brings to mind the recent Star Wars/Top Gun mashup which so memorably used “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins.


Star Wars Wars, as Maurcs has dubbed his six-headed creation, is a sanity-obliterating dose of cinematic psilocybin. Both sounds and images are densely layered here as they might be in a dream. Laser guns fire colorful beams. Triangular spaceships hurtle across the screen. Ghostly, semi-transparent images of human, robotic, and alien characters intermingle freely. Initially, all seems to be chaos, but occasional moments of visual synchronicity occur within the tumult. At one point, for instance, the familiar, gleaming figure of C-3PO from the original trilogy is seen alongside his earlier, not-quite-finished incarnation from Episode I. It is safe to say that everything viewers love and hate about George Lucas’ sprawling space opera, from Jar Jar Binks to Lando Calrissian, is represented, however murkily, somewhere within the running time of this video. Who shot first? In this context, it truly does not matter. There are five other things happening on the screen at the exact same second.

[via The Daily Dot]

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