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All 50 trillion episodes of CSI are coming to Hulu

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In what must be a sociological experiment conducted by alien scientists to see what happens when Earthlings bombard their brains with images of death and dismemberment for days at a time, Variety reports that Hulu has picked up exclusive streaming rights to all 14 seasons and counting of CSI. The first 14 seasons will be available for streaming on Hulu Plus beginning in early April, and each episode of the upcoming—and potentially last—15th season of the show will be added shortly after its initial airing on CBS.


This deal marks the first time CSI (as opposed to CSI: Miami, which was previously available on Netflix) has been licensed to a streaming VOD service, raising the question of whether a formulaic procedural revolving around burned, strangled, skinned, stabbled, shot, chainsawed, excessively Botoxed, and meat-bullet ridden (see Season two’s “Burden Of Proof”) corpses has the same binge-watch value as shows that feature both gruesome murder and an overarching storyline. For guidance on where to begin with the more than 300 episodes of the show about to be spread out like a disgustingly detailed forensic buffet, check out The A.V. Club’s TV Club 10 feature on the topic.

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