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All 45 seasons of Saturday Night Live are heading to Peacock

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After a few months during which the show’s vaunted library of episodes was only available piecemeal, NBC has now announced that all 45 years of Saturday Night Live are coming to its Peacock streaming service. Per Variety, this marks the first time that the show’s full library has been available to streamers since the implosion of Seeso, NBC’s other streaming service that it would presumably prefer we not think too much about right now.


Previously, only the 5 most recent seasons of SNL were available through Peacock, along with an assortment of sketches featuring popular cast members from throughout the years. (A.k.a., the streaming equivalent of those VHS’s you used to see with Mike Myers or Eddie Murphy staring out at you in the video store.) Hulu offers a wider swathe of the show’s run—including the first 5 seasons, and everything from 2005 onward—but if you wanted to check out the infamous Jean Doumanian season, or, more importantly, watch the full episode of the vital 1995 installment in which Mark McKinney and George Clooney perform “Tales Of Fraud And Malfeasance In Railroad Hiring Practices,” you were out of luck. (Ditto if you wanted to sit through “Moleculo,” “Mr. Belvedere Fan Club,” “Happy Fun Ball,” or any of the other mid-’90s weirdo sketches that are permanently burned into the structure of our brains.)

The full run of Saturday Night Live comes to Peacock on October 1.

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