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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled Alison Brie to star in iGet Hard/i, inspiring chivalrous congratulations from the Internet

Community star and genuinely sweet human being with feelings and rights Alison Brie has been cast in the comedy Get Hard, an announcement that will inspire those who enjoy Brie to bestow upon her the most gentlemanly of kudos and well wishes. The movie hails from Will Ferrell’s Gary Sanchez production company, with Ferrell playing a white-collar criminal who attempts to toughen himself up for prison—the “get hard” being a reference to hardening oneself physically and mentally, and certainly nothing ribald. Ferrell does so under the tutelage of an auto detailer played by Kevin Hart (who knows something about creating bluster to distract from not being especially imposing). Alison Brie will play the fiancée who also inspires Ferrell to get hard—again, in the sense of adopting self-preservation skills, to protect the heart and mind that cares for her as a person, as any courtly man would. The Internet will now proffer its most cordial felicitations.


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