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Alison Brie + Paul F. Tompkins + Internet memes + new sexy Esquire photos = success

Alison Brie is barely noticed by the Internet, but if more information about her is something you might be interested in, she’s been around more than usual since the start of Mad Men’s new season. If you’d like to keep things respectable, you can watch Brie’s appearance on web interview series Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins, as they sip drinks and chat for 20 minutes about her various roles and her cover band The Girls. There’s the usual flirty/playful undercurrent to almost any interview with Brie, but Tompkins acquits himself well as an interviewer, getting her to talk at length about the differences between playing Annie on Community and Trudy on Mad Men, developing improv abilities, and how much of a pain it was to shoot “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” for Community, which amounted to hours and hours of sitting around a table. It’s one of Tompkins’ best interviews for the series, and it's nice to see someone actually engage with Brie as a performer with range. If 22 minutes is too much Brie to handle, there's also a video of Brie impersonating various Internet memes with Tompkins below. (Oh, and if you're just interested in Alison Brie for her physical beauty, like Esquire, she did another sexy photo shoot for them. But c'mon, watch the interview first, okay?)

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