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Alison Brie is still down for Community's #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, but just on Netflix

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Alison Brie has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Netflix, with prominent roles on both GLOW and BoJack Horseman, and apparently that success has given her a keen sense of loyalty to her streaming home. Case in point, Brie recently told PopCulture.com (from the people behind ComicBook.com) that she’d still be willing to reprise her role as Annie Edison for a Community follow-up movie, but she thinks it “should just be made for Netflix.” Not Hulu, which is currently home to Community’s original six seasons, but specifically Netflix—which would require quite a bit of extra work, since Netflix would probably want to get all six seasons of Community if it were to fund a Community movie.

Brie also mentions that it would be “fun to do” a Community movie, but it would only really work if they “could get everyone to do it,” which she things “might be difficult”—which is an understatement, considering that one of the former stars is starring in The Lion King with Beyoncé now and several of her other castmates are now very minor characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then there’s series creator Dan Harmon, who would probably want to do all of the work on a Community movie, but now he’s busy working on Rick And Morty.


The possibility of a Community movie happening in the first place is also just the hypothetical payoff to a joke about NBC’s The Cape from one episode of the show, with #SixSeasonsAndAMovie getting adopted as the rallying cry for fans during the annual period when it seemed like the show would get canceled—which it did, several times. Of course, Community does have a dark history with streaming services, as its (quite good!) sixth season killed the entire Yahoo Screen platform, so maybe Alison Brie is actually trying to kill off Netflix by promoting the idea of a Community movie.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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