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Alison Brie is now a Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling


Alison Brie is, objectively, a gorgeous lady. Subjectively, she also seems like someone who doesn’t get mad very often, but when she does—watch out. So she’s a logical choice for the lead role in Jenji Kohan’s upcoming Netflix series G.L.O.W., a comedy inspired by the real-life Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, a Las Vegas-based wrestling league/syndicated TV show launched in 1986 that sought to elbow-drop pro wrestling’s glass ceiling through copious amounts of Spandex, Aqua Net, and, of course, shitty raps:

Brie will play an out-of-work actress who joins the league in an attempt to save her otherwise floundering career. Her character’s pro-wrestling persona has yet to be revealed, but hopefully it’ll be something period-appropriate with a silly accent. (Soviet spy, perhaps?) This will be Brie’s second Netflix series—she also voices a character on BoJack Horseman—and her first big series role since Community went to digital heaven in 2015, followed shortly thereafter by its network, Yahoo Screen.


[via Variety]

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