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Alicia Silverstone thinks it would be fun to play Batgirl again

Batman And Robin

1997’s Batman & Robin is regarded a bit more highly than it was when it was originally released (mostly because Mr. Freeze’s ice puns have aged incredibly well), but it’s still generally regarded as an awful, awful movie. It’s so awful, in fact, that the people involved never really got a chance to redeem themselves with future Batman movies, which Alicia Silverstone now seems to regret. Silverstone played Batgirl in the film—or at least a version of Batgirl that bore little resemblance to any Batgirl from the comics—and she thinks she could do a better job if she had a chance to play Batgirl today.

Speaking with USA Today, Silverstone explains that her “acting is better” now that she’s older and more experienced, so she feels like she “could do a much better Batgirl now.” It’s unclear why Silverstone is talking about this with USA Today, but she adds that she “had fun back then,” and it would probably “be fun to do it again,” so maybe she’s just casually angling for a chance to pop up in Joss Whedon’s new Batgirl movie.


She does have one note about her purely hypothetical return to the Batgirl role, though: The original was costume was too uncomfortable. Ideally, she’d like “something you can sit in” and “something you can get out of to pee,” but decisions like that are obviously up to whoever is making the hypothetical movie where Silverstone plays Batgirl.

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