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It’s been three years since Alicia Keys’ last album, Here, was released, but that doesn’t mean the prolific singer-songwriter hasn’t been busy. Most notably, she took on a major milestone back in February, tackling hosting duties at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, and giving a serious “Sit back, look what I can do” performance in the process. In addition to her emcee duties, Keys also performed multiple times during the night’s running time, including a casually show-off-y solo number that saw her bounce between pianos and musical influences with equal aplomb.

Keys fanatics hoping for a repeat performance are in luck tonight, too, as THR reports that Keys has just signed on for a return trip to the annual music awards. Earlier this evening, the “Falling” star issued a statement about her decision to sign on to host the 62nd Grammys, which are unfortunately not being held in New York (the concrete jungle where dreams are made of), even though that would have given this paragraph a much stronger joke upon which to conclude.


To wit:

At first, I did think last year was a one-time thing, but when the opportunity came back around, there was no question about returning as host. Last year was such a powerful experience for me. Not only did I feel the love in the room, but I felt it from around the world, and it confirmed the healing and unifying power of music.

Keys released a new single, “Show Me Love,” back in September; she’s also appeared on recent albums by Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and James Bay.

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