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Alice In Chains made a sci-fi movie with Green Book writer Nick Vallelonga

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On the heels of last summer’s Rainier Fog, Alice In Chains have released the first two parts of a 90-minute sci-fi thriller inspired by the album. Called Black Antenna, it tells the story of telepathic thieves with designs on building an antenna that can help them communicate with “their people back home.” In pursuit, however, are “unspeakably dark forces” hoping to eradicate them, presumably because the grunge is just too damn loud. The film is being teased out across 10 “episodes.


Keep an eye out and you might catch a glimpse of Oscar-winning screenwriter Nick Vallelonga, who you may remember for penning Green Book and parroting Donald Trump’s racist lie about Muslims celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Vallelonga, who also produced the project, has a cameo as a bellowing cashier in the film’s first episode.

Essentially an album-length music video, Black Antenna tells its story against the album’s songs, and features some evocative direction from Adam Mason, who also helmed next month’s installment of Blumhouse’s Into The Dark Hulu series.


Check out the first two parts below.

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