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Alice Cooper drops by Duncanville in this exclusive clip

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Duncanville’s Jack (Ty Burrell) is not like a regular dad—he’s a cool dad, as much for his musical tastes as for genuinely wanting to connect with his kids and be a better parent than his own dad ever was. As Sulagna Misra noted in her review of the premiere, Jack makes a great effort to establish a caring relationship with his kids, which fits right in with the show’s overall sweetness. But Jack continues to embrace some parts of his past, like his obsession with shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper. In this exclusive clip from this coming Sunday’s episode, “Red Head Redemption,” Jack meets the “No More Mr. Nice Guy” singer, who once again reveals himself to actually be a pretty nice guy. 

Tasked with decluttering the garage, Jack struggles to part with a guillotine that was once owned by the iconic performer. In a flashback, we learn how he came into possession of the stage prop; basically, Alice Cooper’s wife also felt he could stand to clear out some of stuff in their storage space. An impressionable young Jack happily accepts the guillotine, which is engraved with “Alice Cooper Tour ‘86,” which lets us know just how long he’s been holding onto it. Both Jack and Annie have a point about organization; on the one hand, you can’t hold on to everything. But a guillotine from Alice Cooper? Maybe they can just get rid of some of the kids’ old bikes.

In addition to Burrell, Duncanville stars Amy Poehler, Riki Lindhome, Yassir Lester, and Rashida Jones. The Fox animated series was created by Poehler along with The Simpsons alums Julie Thacker Scully and Mike Scully. “Red Head Redemption” airs Sunday, February 23 at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox. 

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