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Alice Cooper deems Universal theme parks worthy of hosting his haunted mazes

Alice Cooper—king of skeevy horror rock, eyeliner, and sports bars—has inspired two haunted attractions this fall at Universal theme parks. As part of Halloween Horror Nights, the singer’s “demented and dark subconscious will come to life” in “Alice Cooper—Welcome To My Nightmare,” a haunted maze at Universal Orlando, while fans at Universal Studios Hollywood get “Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3D,” yet another “terrifying maze” that “will beckon guests to experience hell’s interminable inferno.”

“Alice Cooper—Welcome To My Nightmare” is an homage to the goth and golf-loving singer’s first solo album and “will put guests inside the haunted dreams of the album’s recurring character, ‘Steven,’ as he endures the scream-inducing madness spawned” by the brains of Cooper and an army of Universal designers. “Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3D” will somehow work 3D glasses into the whole maze equation, as if actual chainsaws and actors jumping around corners weren’t terrifying enough.


Cooper is no stranger to horror-related art, having written more than two dozen dark, snake-infested records and appeared in several chilling movies, including Nightmare On Elm Street: Freddy’s Dead and the recent Dark Shadows, which was terrifying in its badness.

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