(Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Two sitcom angst queens are playing the leads in a Drunk History episode that will feature Lin-Manuel Miranda rambling about Alexander Hamilton. Entertainment Weekly reports Alia Shawkat is going to put her spin on the bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman. Meanwhile, Aubrey Plaza is set to deadpan her way through the role of Aaron Burr, a.k.a. the damn fool who shot him—or in this case, her. The casting makes sense, because at this post-Hamilton point in time it would be really boring if Drunk History cast two white dudes in these parts.

Shawkat told EW the episode wouldn’t just be a rehash of Miranda’s Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical. “Lin knows the history backwards and forwards,” she explained. “He used [Drunk History] to tell different specifics of the story, so it’s not like we’re watching the same stuff. He told the specifics of personal fights they got in and other stuff that still ties into the overall story of Hamilton, but stuff I didn’t know.” Miranda, however, has no idea what he said. He tweeted out some factoids about the taping this afternoon. He apparently drank three-fourths of a bottle of honey whiskey and Facetimed Questlove.


You can see Shawkat and Plaza in costume over at EW. The episode airs November 29, and will also star Tony Hale as James Monroe.