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Tiffany Haddish has so many projects in various states of production that it’s hard to keep track (although we’re certainly trying to keep up), but leading a new animated series from BoJack Horseman’s Lisa Hanawalt is among the most intriguing. Called Tuca And Bertie, the series centers on two 30-year-old bird women who are friends and neighbors. Haddish will voice Tuca, a “cocky, care-free toucan” in this piquant new comedy from Hanawalt, who will also share executive-producing duties with BoJack creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg.


Now Variety reports that comedian, actor, and writer Ali Wong is set to co-lead the series with Haddish. Wong, whose new Netflix special Hard Knock Wife drops May 13, will voice the “anxious, daydreaming songbird” Bertie, who we can probably expect to be nudged (or dragged) out of her shell—er, nest?—by Haddish’s Tuca. In addition to toplining the cast, Wong and Haddish will also serve as executive producers. The Girls Trip star also signed a deal with Netflix earlier this year.

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