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Ali Larter will return as Claire Redfield for the “final” Resident Evil movie

Resident Evil: Afterlife

It would be really difficult for a film series to go on for over a decade and not become intimidatingly convoluted, but the Resident Evil movies go one step further by including dozens of characters who don’t appear in every installment. Plus, a bunch of those characters are from the video games, so you have to have a passing familiarity with that intimidatingly convoluted storyline in order to really understand who they are. In fact, throughout the five Resident Evil movies, only Milla Jovovich’s Alice has appeared in all of them. (Apparently she’s friends with the director or something.)

One character who has only been in the movies sporadically is Ali Larter’s Claire Redfield, who happens to be a transplant from the video games. But Deadline is reporting that she’ll be returning to the series with the upcoming sixth Resident Evil film, which is tentatively titled The Final Chapter, even though we have some doubts about this really being the last one. Larter’s character sat out the last film, 2012’s Resident Evil: Retribution, but appeared in the two before that, Extinction and Afterlife. Deadline says the plot of The Final Chapter will pick up right after Retribution, with Jovovich and her motley crew of video game characters on a mission to save what’s left of humanity.


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