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Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion finds new life with The Killing's Veena Sud, though it can't help worrying about her intentions

With only a few dozen Alfred Hitchcock films still left unclaimed, the race to remake them all is heating up—otherwise they would just sit there, thinking they’re so great for eternity. And so, only days after DreamWorks announced its intentions to bring a new Rebecca home, Paramount has claimed his other Joan Fontaine collaboration, Suspicion, sweeping it off its feet like a caddish Cary Grant with promises of a charmed new life, even as the slowly revealed details of the project may cast it in troublesome doubt. But don’t worry; drink this milk: The remake is in the hands of that modern-day master of suspense, The Killing’s showrunner Veena Sud, whose zeal for creating mystery solely out of an endless string of red herrings will be applied to the big screen for the first time, where the herrings can be bigger and redder than ever. Even better, perhaps Sud can once more one-up Hitchcock’s now rather pedestrian sense of mystery—with all its “complete plotlines” and “recognizable character motivations” and “resolutions”—and turn Suspicion into a “holistic journey” that takes place over two or more films. 


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