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Alfonso Cuarón to put a little Gravity spin on Warner Bros.’ Jungle Book


After Disney’s Jungle Book started getting some positive buzz earlier this month, Warner Bros. decided to push its own adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling story back a whole year, from October of 2017 to October of 2018. The movie is set to be directed by Andy Serkis, and he praised Warner Bros.’ decision at the time because it will give motion-capture technology a chance to catch up with his vision for the movie. Now, though, it sounds like the studio might be a little more concerned than it initially let on.

According to Deadline, Oscar-winning Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón has been brought in to “give notes” on Serkis’ film, acting as an uncredited consultant. Deadline’s “insiders” say that he’s not “taking over” The Jungle Book, he’s just seeing “if there are ways to take the extra time to improve the picture.” There’s no word on how Serkis feels about this, but Deadline says production on the film—which stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale, and Cate Blanchett—has already been finished.


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