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If you thought Alfonso Cuarón was going to back down from his well-established support for streaming services now that he’s done promoting Roma, then you don’t know how much Alfonso Cuarón loves streaming services. According to Deadline, Cuarón has signed a multi-year deal with Apple to develop TV projects exclusively for Apple TV+, with Deadline also noting that it’s a “state-of-the-art deal” (which we’re just going to leave unexplained, because that’s some good industry jargon). Cuarón will most likely work with Anonymous Content and will “team up with other creative collaborators” on whatever these projects will end up being.


Before Cuarón won some Oscars for Roma, he also won some Oscars for Gravity and directed Children Of Men, Y Tu Mamá También, and one of the Harry Potter movies, so he could theoretically have some big stuff in the works for Apple. Then again, his prior TV work includes NBC’s Believe, which only ran for one season and was… a show that existed. So maybe this will be a forgettable flop? At the very least, we can safely assume that whatever he makes will land somewhere between forgettable flop and Oscar-winning feature film.

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