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Alexis Denisof is starring in an MTV drama pilot

MTV’s next drama pilot Finding Carter centers on a girl who discovers the woman she believes to be her mother actually abducted her as a child. The network has already cast Skins star Kathryn Prescott as said daughter, Carter Stevens, two weeks ago, and now The Hollywood Reporter has announced Whedonverse favorite Alexis Denisof as David Wilson, Carter’s biological father. Described as the “family mediator,” Denisof’s character is a novelist whose only major success was a true crime novel based on his daughter’s disappearance, and her re-emergence offers an opportunity for an eagerly anticipated follow-up book. (Exploiting family tragedy for a cash-grab crime novel couldn’t possibly have an adverse effect on a young girl already living through a trauma.) There's no indication yet whether Finding Carter will conflict with Denisof’s other recurring television role this season, as the cousin of Sasha Roiz’s Captain Renard on Grimm, which sees him reunited with Angel co-creator David Greenwalt.


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