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Alex Trebek announces that he’s back in chemo treatment in latest cancer update

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek announced via the show’s YouTube channel that he will resume chemotherapy for his cancer treatment. The famous host revealed that he had stage 4 of pancreatic cancer in March 2019. He has been candid with fans since then, giving updates on his condition over the last few months.


In this most recent update, the host states, “This past summer, because I was making such good progress, we thought I was finished with chemo. That was a bit premature and certainly over-optimistic,” after his numbers went south after immunotherapy. Trebek was his jovial self as he broke the news about his doctor’s recommendation to restart chemo saying, “Hey, it worked well the first time, so we are expecting good results again.”

The 79-year-old host, who has been with Jeopardy since its 1984 revival, renewed his contract in 2018, which would make him host until 2022. After Trebek announced his diagnosis six months ago, THR reported that he returned to film new episodes in August after his first round of chemotherapy. The 36th season of Jeopardy began on September 9 with Trebek back in action, saying, “I’m happy to report, I’m still here.”

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