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As reported by Deadline, Comedy Central has started developing a project called Kill The Orange Face Bear that will star Girls’ Alex Karpovsky as a man whose girlfriend is eaten by a bear right in front of him. Naturally, this inspires him to get revenge by killing the bear. The show will be written by Blue Mountain State co-creator Chris Romano (possibly better known as Punchy from How I Met Your Mother), who will also act as the showrunner.

Deadline also seems to be under the impression that the show’s title is meant to be represented by emoji, as in “knife emoji, orange face emoji, bear emoji,” but that’s so absurd that it’s probably not worth anyone’s time to assume that the show will actually stick with that in any official capacity. How are emoji supposed to be represented on traditional cable boxes and DVRs? And if we’re supposed to interpret the emoji to mean Kill The Orange Face Bear, why use the emoji at all? Even The Emoji Movie used human words for its title.


Anyway, the show is still in development, so if Comedy Central does pick it up, it probably won’t premiere for a while.

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