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Alex Jones would like to introduce himself

Screenshot: YouTube

Alex Jones is a lot of things. He is a radio broadcaster, a far-right crazy-person that espouses Sandy Hook truther and lizard-people conspiracy theories. He is a burly Texas man who enjoys taking his shirt off, and he is the proud salesman of storage bins and muscle-enhancement snake oil.

But who is Alex Jones really? The minds of Super Deluxe have put together this supercut that allows the man to put it in his own words. He is… well, he is a lot of things.

His penchant for doing impressions of the people he hates, as well as his ability to hate things that do not exist, makes this a particularly lively 90 seconds. Each of the clips begins with him saying “I’m” and goes down some uniquely Alex Jonesian dystopian alleys.


One other thing this man is? Friends with the president.

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