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Alex Jones to sully his integrity, appear on Megyn Kelly’s mainstream media show

Screenshot: Infowars

As every proud member of the resistance knows, Alex Jones and his Infowars website manages to avoid corruption from the globalist mainstream media by dint of not being subject to the elite corporatist demands of facts and evidence. Not only does that change the face of reporting, as Jones has said with little thought to the many ways that statement could be interpreted, it means his viewers can rest easy, knowing the man who looks like Kevin James after undergoing extensive cocaine therapy won’t have to kowtow to any Bilderberg stooges.

Until now, that is. Capitulating to the insatiable need for attention that characterizes the lying mass media, and also every single thing Alex Jones has done for the past 30 years, Variety reports Jones will appear on former Fox host Megyn Kelly’s upcoming NBC newsmagazine show. In so doing, Jones will sully the spotless reputation he has worked so tirelessly to achieve, if you ignore instances in the past that he appeared on Nightline, Fox News, and other such tools of mind control. (Clearly, those appearances were made by Alex Jones, performance artist, not Alex Jones, unrepentant truth-bomb dropper, not counting those times he had to apologize for making shit up about a pizza-fronted pedophile ring, or blaming a yogurt company for the rape of a five-year-old girl.)


To his credit, Jones has been very upfront about his reasons for appearing. “I’d be dumb if I didn’t do some of these interviews,” he says, perhaps referencing similarly dumb decisions as accusing the parents of Sandy Hook victims of being paid shills. “I know it‘s edited, I know they’re gonna attack me,” he continues, displaying the baseline cognitive reasoning that has proven so irresistible to his audience, but he felt he couldn’t say no to the opportunity. He then rails against Hollywood elites briefly, before bragging about having been at exclusive parties with Hollywood elites and dropping Brad Pitt’s name so hard it makes a small dent in the floor.

He also claims his kids weren’t taken away from him, which is a weird thing to say about losing a custody battle. A few more obsessive mutterings about Hillary Clinton round it out, but all in all, it’s a sad display of cooptation by the mainstream media of a man who once had the bravery to argue that chili has memory-erasing powers. Perhaps he’s been eating more of that same dish.


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