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Alex Borstein is also returning for the MADtv revival

(Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

The MADtv reboot has gotten off to a rocky start. When the CW revived the series earlier this year, the network brought on an all-new cast of soon-to-be regulars while stocking up on alumni to ease viewers into a whole new generation of non-Saturday Night Live sketches. Unfortunately, whatever thrill the return of Stuart might have provided hasn’t offset the overall dullness of the series. But that hasn’t stopped the CW from handing out invitations to other MADtv all-stars, which is why TV Line reports that Alex Borstein will appear in an upcoming episode.

Borstein hasn’t exactly wanted for work in the years since MADtv went off the air, but she still made time to drop by the old sketch show’s new set.


The air date of Borstein’s episode hasn’t been announced yet, but she’s following Sasso, Sullivan, Aries Spears, Ike Barinholtz, Bobby Lee, and Debra Wilson in the guest-star spot. Mo Collins is also on the deck to appear at some point, now that she no longer has a morning show. There’s no word on which of her characters Borstein will reprise. Will it be Karen Goddard, child genius? Or maybe the old warbler, Jasmine Wayne-Wayne? Who are we kidding—it’s going to be Ms. Swan, isn’t it?

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