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Alert the nation’s moms: Rizzoli & Isles is ending

Also ending: our favorite joke about the Rizzoliand Isles, a magical island nation where female cops don't take crap from anybody.

Having run through its apportioned share of TNT’s vast stores of banter, sass, and tried-and-true procedural elements, female-led police dramedy Rizzoli & Isles is coming to an end. The series, which stars Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, and the giant, sentient ampersand that binds their two characters together, is one of TNT’s most-watched shows, but will still finish its run at the end of the upcoming seventh season.

Alerted to the news by Deadline, the nation’s moms put down their crocheting for a moment to respond to the announcement. “Oh, that’s too bad,” they said with a sad little sigh. “I liked the dark-haired one, she was always good on Law & Order.” Then the collected matrons shrugged their shoulders, flipped the TV over to a DVR’d Castle rerun, and reminded you that it wouldn’t break your arm to text them every once in a while, America.


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