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Alejandro Jodorowsky is making a sequel to The Dance Of Reality

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Since essentially inventing the midnight movie with El Topo, Alejandro Jodorowsky has been one of cinema’s most reliable purveyors of mystical, psychedelic imagery that can be appreciated by the stoned and non-stoned alike. His profile newly raised by his charismatic turn in the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, Jodorowsky’s most recent film, The Dance Of Reality, was released in U.S. theaters last year to critical acclaim, if not big box office. Now the 85-year-old filmmaker/psychotherapist/mime/comic-book writer/spiritual guru is reportedly planning a sequel to that film, Endless Poetry.


Continuing the autobiographical story chronicled in The Dance Of Reality, Endless Poetry will dramatize Jodorowsky’s adolescence in Santiago, Chile, where he defied his family’s expectations to become a successful poet. “In my memories, my years in Chile had long been associated with suffering and loneliness… but today, at my 85 years of age I have not the least doubt that my encounter with poetry justifies my emergence in that country,” Jodorowsky tells Variety.

Endless Poetry is being produced by Jodorowsky’s production company Satori Films along with Chile’s Le Soleil Films, and the Jodorowsky faithful will be invited to contribute when a Kickstarter campaign for the film launches on February 15. Jodorowsky himself is expected to introduce the project with a YouTube video that same day.

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