(Photo: Getty Images/NBC)

If Donald Trump is going to be an unsatisfied critic who watches Saturday Night Live just to tell people how much he doesn’t like it, then it looks like Alec Baldwin is going to be the guy commenting on Trump’s review every week just to ask why he’s still watching it if he hates it so much. Back in November, Trump tweeted that SNL was “a totally one-sided, biased show” and asked for “equal time,” with Baldwin—who plays Trump on SNL—responding that “equal time” is only a thing during the election. This week, Baldwin’s Trump returned to SNL, which naturally means the future president had to jump on social media to once again point out that the show is “unwatchable” and that Baldwin’s impression of him “just can’t get any worse.”

Now, once again, Baldwin has responded to Trump, but instead of casually dismantling his dumb argument, he has boldly declared that he’ll stop doing the impression if Trump releases his tax returns:


This is a solid callback to the election, but Trump’s tax returns are meaningless at this point. Baldwin’s wasting what could be a great opportunity by trying to score points in a game he’s already lost, so if he’s serious about giving up this SNL gig, he should try to get something more worthwhile out of the deal. Like, for example, he could ask Trump to let go of Steve Bannon, Mike Pence, or any of the other monsters in his administration, which would actually help people more than releasing his tax returns ever would.

If Trump doesn’t like that deal, then Baldwin can just keep poking fun at him on SNL every episode. Eventually, after a few more weeks of jokes about his hair, his pouty face, and his tiny hands, Trump’s resolve will wear down and he’ll give Baldwin anything he wants. So, Alec Baldwin, before you ask for anything else, please embrace the spirit of this Christmas season and come up with something truly amazing to put on your wish list—even if it’s just one of those new Nintendo systems that are so hard to find. The country is counting on you