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Alec Baldwin to play the mayor of New York for HBO

Today in news that may or may not represent an unofficial 30 Rock sequel series, Alec Baldwin is going to play a famous rich guy who gets elected mayor of New York in a new untitled series for HBO. That’s according to Deadline, which also reports that Baldwin will executive producer the series. His character, Joe Byrne, will be a “billionaire real estate developer philanthropist” who gets “unexpectedly rocketed into NYC politics” when something happens to the real mayor. OK, so he’s not a network executive at NBC, but Alec Baldwin becoming the mayor of New York does sound like it would’ve been a 30 Rock storyline if the show had lasted five or six more years and run out of good ideas. Also unlike 30 Rock, this show—we’re gonna call it Mister Mayor With Alec Baldwin—will be an hour-long drama. Deadline describes it as “dark but not as pitch black as House Of Cards.” That means Baldwin probably won’t be murdering Corey Stoll and staging it like a suicide any time soon, unfortunately.

On a related note, remember this?


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