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Alec Baldwin’s 30 Rock and SNL costars will roast him on Spike

(Photo: NBC)

Massachusetts-native Nancy Donovan, NBC page Kenneth Parcell, and TGS stars Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney will all honor Jack Donaghy during an upcoming special set to air on Spike. Sorry, that’s not right. Julianne Moore, Jack McBrayer, Tracy Morgan, and Jane Krakowski will all be on hand for a special dedicated to Alec Baldwin, according to Deadline. Kate McKinnon—who does not have a 30 Rock counterpart, but has appeared opposite Baldwin in many an SNL sketch—will also be at the event, which tapes June 25 at the Apollo Theater and is set to air July 9.

Deadline explains that Spike is billing what is called One Night Only: Alec Baldwin as “part roast, part This Is Your Life.” Major props will go to Moore if she decides to do her bit in her Nancy Donovan accent.

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