For too long, reclusive and taciturn actor Alec Baldwin has shielded his every word and thought from the public. But no more: The Wrap reports that Baldwin has signed a deal with Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, to put out a memoir.

The book, titled Nevertheless, will purportedly be a revealing history of the actor’s life and career, a life from which he has thus far failed to make good on his promise to disappear. Beginning with his childhood in Long Island, it will track his rise to fame, up to and including his rebirth as an Emmy-winning television star. Baldwin is no stranger to writing books—in 2008 he penned A Promise To Ourselves, a book about how getting a divorce sucks, especially if you happen to be Alec Baldwin. How much the actor will be paid for writing a few more words than usually come out of his mouth in any given year remains unknown. Still, Baldwin is probably excited to finally get the chance to talk straight to his fans rather than pinning cameramen to the hoods of cars.


Nevertheless is scheduled for publication in Fall 2016.