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Alec Baldwin is going to blank ABC’s Match Game revival

Saturday Night Live

According to Vulture, ABC is looking to mount a game show revival, and it has set its eyes on blank. (Here’s where you take a moment to scribble down something bawdy, which we’ll all stop to guffaw over once everyone turns over their cards.) If you answered Match Game, congratulations—you’re of the same mind as ABC, which attempted something similar back in 1990. That iteration didn’t exactly take off, despite featuring Match Game perma-panelists Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers, and a rotating group of celebrity panelists like Betty White and the late Marcia Wallace.

Now the alphabet network is shoring up its chances by asking Alec Baldwin to oversee all of the innuendo as the host of the new Match Game, which will air as part of a three-hour game show block this summer that includes a new Pyramid and the return of Celebrity Family Feud. Baldwin’s already done Reilly—that is, an impression of him on Saturday Night Live—so it shouldn’t be too hard for him to assume Gene Rayburn’s old position. The show will also feature non-celebrities attempting to match their oft-mundane responses with uproarious answers from celebrity panelists, who would just never think to fill in a blank with something other than genitalia.


Baldwin will executive produce Match Game, which he’s calling a “limited series,” possibly because he’ll need some time to finish playing a high-powered infant in Boss Baby.

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