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Illustration for article titled Alec Baldwin could return to TV as a Rob Ford-like Mayor of New York

According to Deadline, producers may soon be hiding cameras in stuffed animals to surreptitiously capture the movements of Alec Baldwin on two new movie projects. Baldwin is reportedly in talks to join Will Smith in Peter Landesman’s upcoming film about football concussions, starring in an unspecified role, as well as co-star in Mission: Impossible 5 – Hashtag Directive: #ThisCouldBeUsButYouSpyin as the head of the CIA. But since we already know Baldwin can put on a suit and bark about acceptable risk and national security with the best of them, far more interesting is the news that Baldwin is considering a return to television, in an NBC production, as a politician, in New York City—a quartet of things that Baldwin has long had a very public love-hate relationship with.


Provided he’s willing to reconsider all of them, Baldwin could soon be starring in a one-hour cable series as a “Rob Ford-type mayor” of New York, where he’ll balance the many duties of running Manhattan—overseeing sanitation and transportation, keeping the streets clean of Alec Baldwin, etc.—with his Rob Ford-like love of crack cocaine and vagina. Or, as this is meant to be for public consumption, possibly something a little more realistic. Anyway, this is all in the very early stages of information, so we will simply have to wait until someone runs up to Alec Baldwin in the street and begins yelling at him about it.

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