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Illustration for article titled Alec Baldwin continues to really hate cameras

An old-fashioned man of the sort who prefers classical music to modern, Alec Baldwin continues to wage war against the invention of photography, a mechanical obscenity that has replaced the more refined elegance of portrait miniatures, much as the paparazzo has replaced famous people not constantly being harassed on the street. And so it was that, upon seeing yet another camera today, Baldwin was moved to take a stand against modern vulgarity by pinning paparazzo Paul Adao to the hood of a car, after the latter began taking photos of Baldwin and his wife Hilaria, goddess of strained smiles, using one of those contraptions that Baldwin despises so very much.


“You are capturing my wife’s visage without even the decency to apply watercolor to stretched vellum!” one imagines Baldwin shouting as he shoved Adao, because what he actually said was probably something not as classy. Anyway, you can see pictures of the incident here—along with those of the ensuing, ultimately pointless police response—all provided by photographers whose cameras have yet to be crushed by Alec Baldwin. But, all in good time.

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