Photo: NBC/Getty Images

Last night’s anti-Trump rally, which ran concurrently with the sparsely-attended pre-inauguration concert, drew thousands of protestors. Many celebrities were among them, including Mark Ruffalo, Julianne Moore, Sally Field, Rosie Perez, and Michael Moore. Robert De Niro, presumably stuck in The Comedian character, did a little bit of stand-up to (literally) warm up the crowd. But it wouldn’t be a proper New York gathering without Alec Baldwin in attendance, let alone an anti-Donald Trump event. So Baldwin’s Trump showed up for a wee bit, but he was more focused on draining the main vein than the swamp:

But Baldwin spent most of his time at the podium urging protestors to remain vigilant over the next 100 days (or, Trump’s roughly 75 first days in office, when you account for weekends). He encouraged them to support IDNYC, and find other ways to resist attacks on human rights, while teasing more “Trump” appearances in the future.


[via The Daily Dot]