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Alec Baldwin and Taylor Schilling join Emilio Estevez’s Occupy movie

(Photo: Getty Images, Ben Gabbe)

According to The Wrap, Alec Baldwin and Taylor Schilling have joined the cast of Emilio Estevez’s The Public, along with Jena Malone and Che “Rhymefest” Smith. Estevez wrote and will star in the film, which is about a standoff between police and Occupy protestors around a Cincinnati library. The Wrap story says Baldwin will play a police negotiator trying to keep the protests under control, while Estevez and Malone will play a pair of library workers caught in the middle of the protestors and the cops. Schilling will be “a character who desires to expose the truth” (whatever that means), and Rhymefest will be a homeless man who has joined up with the Occupy movement.

The Public is currently in pre-production, so Baldwin will have plenty of time to keep playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live before he has to go work on this latest acting gig about modern politics.


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