In today’s economy, younger and younger children are getting jobs to help out their families. Some are even finding success in the workplace, with at least one baby being named the CEO of a major American company. Alright, that’s nonsense, but we needed a way to introduce the fact that Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey will be providing their famous voices to a new animated DreamWorks movie called Boss Baby. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which describes the project as “a fantastical family comedy centering on a fast-talking briefcase-carrying baby (Baldwin) and his seven-year old brother, who is jealous of the new arrival.”

Now, that makes a certain amount of sense in an Allen Gregory-esque way, but the rest of the plot description really hammers on that “fantastical” bit. Apparently, the older brother—who we do not know the voice of—tries to “win back the sole affection of his parents” by shaming his younger brother in some way, but he ends up discovering that Kevin Spacey’s character, the CEO of Puppy Co, is working on a secret plan to “destroy the balance of love in the world.” Alec Baldwin’s fast-talking briefcase-carrying baby is involved in some way, but he teams up with his older brother in order to “stop the dastardly scheme, save their parents, restore order to the world, and prove that love is indeed an infinite force.” Perhaps recognizing that its movie sounds a little hard to understand, DreamWorks released some concept art of what a Boss Baby might look like. You can see it above, and hopefully it answers any questions you may have.


Boss Baby is being directed by Megamind’s Tom McGrath—so at least he knows something about people with disproportionately large heads—and it will be in theaters on March 18, 2016. Also, Austin Powers writer Michael McCullers is handling the script. Yeah, Boss Baby, yeah!