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Alden Ehrenreich navigates a Brave New World in the trailer for Peacock's flashy Huxley adaptation

Illustration for article titled Alden Ehrenreich navigates a iBrave New World /iin the trailer for Peacocks flashy Huxley adaptation
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“If you’re not happy, you’re nothing at all,” a voice warns at the end of this Brave New World trailer, bringing with it, we imagine, the whiff of soma. Soma, as Aldous Huxley’s 1932 book details, is a happiness-inducing drug that’s key to the sustainability of Brave New World’s new world, where hunger and violence have been traded for uniformity and, per the trailer, some naughty Dionysian raves.

There’s a disconcerting slickness to Peacock’s upcoming adaptation of Huxley’s novel, but this trailer comes packed with some striking, often disturbing visuals, from that stringy “eye injection” to the blood drawn from a spiderweb of cracked glass. Lest we forget, there is some solid talent behind the adaptation: Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television produces with acclaimed comics writer Grant Morrison, Homecoming’s David Wiener, and Neveldine/Taylor’s Brian Taylor at the helm.


The cast, meanwhile, includes Solo’s Alden Ehrenreich as Huxley’s John the Savage, an outsider who first finds himself swept up in the utopian ideals of this “advanced” society before his presence threatens to unravel the carefully curated society. 

Brave New World, one of several new Peacock originals, will premiere with the launch of NBCUniversal’s new streamer on July 15.

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