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Alas, those viral CUM clothes are fake

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For a few, all too brief days, the world was given the simple joy of seeing a line of university-affiliated shirts, hats, and face masks with the word CUM written on them in big bold letters. Allegedly designed as school spirit wear for the Lutheran Concordia University Of Michigan, items like a cap that reads “CUM WRESTLING” and a t-shirt with “CUM CHEER DAD” blasted across its chest surfaced on Twitter last Saturday.


Sadly, the idiot glee of imagining a Christian university had officially sanctioned this line of CUM apparel was short-lived. As Mashable explains, the actual Concordia University Ann Arbor, which is a satellite campus of Concordia University Wisconsin, uses the acronym CUAA—and the CUM clothes were sold via a third-party merchandise shop called Prep Sportswear and probably created by some little rascal with a twinkle in their eye and a love of mischief in their heart.

Shortly after the tweets went viral, the parody clothes could only be found through a direct search and “appear to be disappearing from the store.” Now, Prep Sportswear just surfaces boring items with the school’s actual name printed on them. Lisa Lilijegren, Assistant Vice President Of Strategic Communications for Concordia University Wisconsin, told Mashable that the school has “no idea how this happened.” Her team “contacted [Prep Sportwear] over the weekend to ask them to take down the items.”

“We take pride in raising young men and women in service to Christ,” Lilijegren said. “And for this to happen was just really disappointing.”


We, too, are disappointed. Now, unfortunately, it seems that anyone who wants CUM on a hat, CUM on a shirt, or CUM on a mask will just have to make it themselves.

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