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Alas, there will be no Lando in The Last Jedi

Thanks to a recent post on the international marketing materials for Star Wars: Episode VIII, there’s been speculation that The Last Jedi could apply to Luke Skywalker—whom we saw at the end of The Force Awakens—as well as some other knights. The exact number of Jedi in the sequel, which we’re hoping to get at least a trailer for today, is far from confirmed, but we do know they’ll continue to operate in a universe infinitely less smooth than the original. While at one of the Star Wars Celebration’s panels, Billy Dee Williams said he won’t be playing Lando Calrissian in The Last Jedi.


We weren’t really given any reason to hope for an appearance from the handsome general, but it’s still a bummer. But the Star Wars Celebration could perk us right back up with, you know, a teaser. Look, we’ve been watching that live stream all morning—it’s got to yield something.

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