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Alan Silvestri is writing new music for Back To The Future’s 30th anniversary


Back To The Future is celebrating its 30th birthday in a big way: From June 30 through May 2016, the film will be screening in select cities accompanied by a live orchestra performing Alan Silvestri’s classic score along with additional music written especially for the occasion. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, this “new” music is firmly rooted in the trilogy’s mythology, with nods to the music in the other two films. Silvestri himself says that he was careful to preserve Back To The Future’s original legacy when composing: “All the ideas of writing, in big quotation marks, ‘writing new music’ felt wrong,” he says. “I revisited the film and looked for the best way to add music we would all feel was naturally there.” As to why this extra music was even needed, apparently the first half of the film was somewhat score-deficient. Silvestri says director Robert Zemeckis and producer/writer Bob Gale were cool with his changes, however: “I wound up having dinner with both, and their response was immediate, and it was, ‘That sounds great!,” he says.


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