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Alamo Drafthouse gearing up for It with screenings of Stephen King's best (and worst) movies

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Screenshot: Pet Sematary

It: Chapter 2 rears its red nose this fall, and in anticipation the Alamo Drafthouse will allow Constant Readers a chance to see selections from the very, very mixed Stephen King filmography on the big screen as part of its Terror Tuesdays series.


All Alamo Drafthouse locations will enjoy screenings of the Schwarzenegger-starring The Running Man, Rob Reiner’s coming-of-age classic Stand By Me, charming anthology Creepshow, and King’s sole directorial effort, Maximum Overdrive. Select locations will oscillate between classics like Carrie, The Dead Zone, and The Mist and negligible titles like Sleepwalkers and Firestarter. Also screening are middle-of-the-road adaptations like Pet Sematary, The Green Mile, The Dark Half, and John Carpenter’s Christine, which, unfortunately, isn’t as good as you remember.

“Stephen King loves genre movies as much as we do,” Joe Ziemba, director of genre programming at the Alamo, says in a press release. “From gushing about horror in the non-fiction book Danse Macabre to directing Maximum Overdrive, King’s passion for film is infectious. That feeling is represented in every movie that we’ve chosen in this celebration of his cinematic legacy.”


Shall we prepare for the critical reevaluation of Sleepwalkers? Consider it as you watch the below trailer for the screenings.

Below, see the full list of films and where they’ll be playing. Screening times will be announced shortly.


Creepshow (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)

Maximum Overdrive (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)

The Running Man (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)

Stand By Me (Alamo Drafthouse-wide)

Carrie (Brooklyn, Yonkers)

Christine (Austin, Brooklyn)

The Dark Half (Austin)

The Dead Zone (Austin)

Firestarter (Austin)

The Green Mile (Austin)

The Mist (Austin)

Pet Sematary (Austin, Brooklyn)

Sleepwalkers (Austin, San Francisco)


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